Black and White

Steve Rockwell works on dArt International paper
From the left: Gamut (Retina), Skia Thanatos, Dot Matrix, D. Dominick Lombardi Graffoo, acrylic and collage on dArt International paper, 21″ x 16″ each image

The overall aesthetic in these pieces is rooted in a concern regarding the experience of black and white. Ironically, the paper itself, once turned to pulp, comes out grey, a mash of white paper impressed with the text and images of old dArt magazines. I lighten them up by washing them over with diluted gesso – not enough to completely cover remaining fragments of image and text. The seemingly destructive act of pulverizing pages of the magazine, I find to be creative. It necessarily connects to the basis and intent behind the project, leading me to return to what spawned it, the book work Meditations on Space.