Some Background to the Event

Top from left: Fountain (Fractured), Take All the Pictures You Want, Julian Schnabel (Surfer). Bottom from left: Granary Lake Shoreline, The Alpha Point, Portent. All images 2018, acrylic and collage on dArt International paper, 21″ x 16″

Fran Hill used the old contact list from her gallery for the invitation only salon exhibition, getting a generally enthusiastic response from many of her former patrons. But as we know, the proof is always in the pudding. The people who end up showing up at these events are not always the ones who promised to be there. I was happy, however,  to see critic Earl Miller, whom I had not seen for some years. Earl had figured prominently into the very earliest Steve Rockwell efforts. He had been a friend of Tom Gottlieb of the Arnold Gottlieb Gallery, who hosted the first Steve Rockwell exhibit in January 1989. When I set out to publish my Meditations on Space, Earl provided the introduction.

earl miller, steve rockwell salon show
Art critic Earl Miller in a photo by Leo Wei.